And the solution most appreciated is………

A close relative recently passed on. She left us her home, and all of its contents. After reviewing all, we realized that there is nothing we want to keep, but the house.

We all wish we could make this as simple, rewarding, and worthwhile as possible.

Consider donating to the Douglas/Elbert Task Force thrift store, Treasures on Park Street! Find out what types of items the D/ETF does not accept, so you can donate them to a charitable cause that will accept them.

As you sort through your loved one’s belongings, consider boxing up the usable clothing, jewelry, shoes and other personal items of your relative. Box up the books, the linens, the kitchen items, even the unopened and unexpired dry goods and canned goods.

Decorative items, like planters, vases and pictures may be boxed as well.

Call the DETF, and determine if they currently have room for furniture. When they do, take the furniture, (possibly in increments) and donate it as well.

Be sure to fill out a donation receipt and receive tax credit for all of the items.

If you have any other concerns, please call the D/ETF—they’re always happy to answer your questions.


Sharon Huddleson

D/ETF Volunteer

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