CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Have we got a bargain for you. It is a big thrift shop tucked away in Douglas County. It can save you money while helping hundreds of families in financial distress.

The Douglas/Elbert Task Force Treasures Thrift Shop has been around for 29 years. Volunteer Connie Huydts has given her time at the store from the beginning.  “We started in a garage,” said Huydts.  Treasures thrift shop is filled with bargains:  clothes, housewares, children’s toys, you name it. The Douglas/Elbert Task Force is located in Castle Rock.  It provides emergency assistance to the people of Douglas and Elbert counties thanks in large part to its Treasures store right next door.

“The myth is there is no poverty in Douglas county.  And believe me,  that is a myth.  We have almost 16,000 people that we served just this last year,” said Suzanne Greene, Douglas/Elbert Task Force’s executive director.  The Task Force even has a food bank for those in need and much more.  “We pay portions of people’s rent and utilities.  We pay GED fees.  We do new birthday gifts for kids, just a whole host of things,” said Greene.

Huydts helps in the shoe department but her real gift is her concern for others.  “To me this is important because there are so many people out there who need our help,” said Huydts.  “Every agency has a heart and Connie is at the heart of the agency,” said Greene.

“She just lifts everybody’s spirit, is so dedicated and is here all the time.  She is the heart and soul of this place,” said Joseph Roos, director of philanthropy for the Douglas/Elbert Task Force.

People from all walks of life come to the Douglas/Elbert Task Force thrift shop to find bargains. They leave with full hearts.  “Like they say: ‘Did you hug your child today?’  Well, when you come in here we hug each other,” said Huydts.  The Douglas Elbert/Task Force thrift shop is on Park Street in Castle Rock, west of I-25 near Wolfensberger Road.

(author Mitch Jelniker, from the Channel 7 Everyday Hero page)