Santa’s Sharing Q&A

2018 Holiday Sponsorship Program

How do I/we sponsor a family?
Complete a Sponsor Application. This gives us guidelines on the type of sponsorship you want to participate in, the size of the family and any other notes that will help us to provide you with the best family match. Download the application from or request one by email from

What do you mean by ‘type of sponsorship’?
There are 4 ways to participate – (1) Direct Sponsor, (2) Indirect Sponsor, (3) Toy Store or (4) Gift Cards.

Where do I deliver gifts or gift cards for the family?
In a Direct or Indirect sponsorship you deliver directly to the family. This allows you to wish them a Happy Holiday and them to thank you personally. You arrange the time that works for both of you, but clients can get anxious about providing for their family so we ask that you deliver no later than December 19th. The Help and Hope Center is burst- ing at the seams; we have no space to hold gifts for families.

What if I am uncomfortable meeting the family or going to their home?
The Indirect sponsorship allows you to sponsor a wonderful family by purchasing gift cards and mailing them so that the parents can shop for the family. Alternatively, you can purchase toys for the Toy Store and/or consider providing gift cards for non-sponsored families. Review the Sponsor Application guidelines to determine which is best for you. The application and guidelines are on our website at under Events.

Once we have submitted a Sponsor Application when will we receive information on a family?
Usually, within a week. Client sign-ups begin October 9th and we will begin matching families to sponsors startingOctober 29th and will continue until December 6th. The time frame is also determined by your particular “family type”request. Families are usually 4 or more in a household. Only occasionally do we have a single parents with very young children. When you receive your client family application you will also receive Sponsor Guidelines to help you through the process.

Do all families get sponsored?
No, we have several dozen families each year that do not. This is why we request toys for the Toy Store and gift cards. Some of these families might be non-English speaking, homeless or have special circumstances.

Can we sponsor more than one family?
Absolutely! Thank you. Every year we have small and large businesses, clubs, churches, groups of neighbors, and extended families who request multiple families or very large families. Some groups that start with a cash collection often come back and ask for another family or two, we just ask that you be sure you can provide a nice holiday for the families that you sponsor.

Where/when do we deliver toys for the Toy Store or gift cards?
We would like to receive all Toys and Gift cards by December 6th. When you submit a Sponsor Application indicating Toy Store you will receive an email directing you where to deliver these items and during what hours. A suggested toys list will also be provided.

We don’t live in Douglas or Elbert county may we still sponsor a family from the Help & Hope Center?
Absolutely. All our clients reside in Douglas or Elbert counties but there is no reason you cannot participate in this program so long as the sponsor guidelines work for you.

More questions?
Please send an email to