And the solution may be….

A friend’s husband has been on a journey to become lean and healthy, and to remain so.  As he successfully loses weight, he also changes sizes in his clothing. He is a business professional and his appearance is most important to him. My friend is also succeeding with her weight loss, and she wants to look good in her clothing. But buying new clothing is expensive, particularly if they’ll only wear it a month or two.

And the solution may be….

Clean out those closets and donate their oversized clothing to the D/E Task Force. They will receive a tax deductible donation slip for their donation, AND a discount coupon to shop at Treasures on Park Street.

My friend swims daily and says her swimsuit is nearly falling off of her, as is her workout clothing.

Treasures on Park Street has everything they need and more, from workout to casual to business to evening–lots of NEW and gently worn clothing and accessories in their new sizes.

They can purchase their interim wardrobe, then later donate what doesn’t fit any more.  Purchasing clothing in their new sizes, as well as the thrill of the hunt, is not only affordable, it’s fun—and it helps fund the D/ETF programs that help our neighbors in need. A win all the way around.

Sharon Huddleson

D/ETF Volunteer

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