Each day, every one of us is reminded of the need to help others, locally, nationally and globally. With so much need in the world, how does one decide where to try to make a difference? We have chosen, for the last several years, to give freely of our time and financial resources to the Douglas/Elbert Task Force, and now this wonderful organization has simply become a part of our everyday lives.

Volunteering at the Task Force, whether it be in the Food Bank or the Thrift Store, Client Services or Special Events and Fundraisers, has given us a genuine sense of community and introduced us to a group of people that we can truly call friends. Working with such caring and compassionate people, where everyone is focused on a common cause, is simply exhilarating. It is so rewarding to see the many smiles, and yes, sometimes tears, on the faces of the people we are able to help, who without this source of support would not be able to put food on the table tonight, or have a Christmas this year.

Making a financial contribution each year is also a wonderful way to share our good fortune with those who have fallen on hard times or simply need a break. It is shocking to see how quickly someone can go from gainful employment and a warm, happy home to living unemployed and hungry on the street. Many times, all they need is a small boost to get back on their feet. By volunteering at the same organization where we make our charitable contributions, we can clearly see that our donations go directly to the people who need them most.

The Douglas/Elbert Task Force will always be a part of our lives, and we would encourage you to experience firsthand what it feels like to be a part of something so important to your community. We are confident it will enrich your lives as it has ours.