About HHC

Help & Hope For Our Neighbors In Need

Help & Hope Center is a non-profit human service organization dedicated to providing assistance to people in Douglas and Elbert counties who are in serious economic need, at risk of homelessness, or in a similar crisis. We address immediate needs by consistently providing food and other necessities for homeless, low income, and financially fragile in our community.

Client Advocates

Our team schedules personal meetings with each client for privacy and professionalism.

Food Pantry

We are supported by a variety of stores and the Food Bank of the Rockies. We are proud to offer this service.

Locally Focused

All of our resources stay in the community. We support individuals across Douglas and Elbert counties.

Treasures Thrift

Our on-site thrift store has  a collection of gently used goods. All proceeds benefit the Help & Hope Center.

Volunteer Supported

Our amazing team of volunteers makes miracles happen every day. Every person makes our team better.

Community Outreach

We are heavily involved in community matters and supporting opportunities that benefit our community.

from our director

Help & Hope Center is a human service organization whose mission is to meet the immediate needs of residents of Douglas and Elbert counties who are in financial distress and at risk of becoming homeless, to help them work through troublesome times with dignity.

Through our team of client advocates we are able to provide resources tailored to each person’s unique circumstance. Our volunteers and countless donors who generously give of themselves make it possible for us to continue expanding our reach to help even more people in need year after year.

HHC Team

Dan Marlow Executive Director
Jenny Follmer Deputy Director
Andi Woodring Director of Development
Diane DeBella Grant Writer
Carley Booth Volunteer Coordinator
Kim Larson Community Engagement Mgr
Roxana Stroh Accountant
Kelly Head Facilities Manager
Steve Rivoir Special Projects
Rebecca Client Advocate
Bernadette Client Advocate
Joan Client Advocate
Carrie Client Advocate
Tamara Client Services Receptionist
Maggie Client Services Admin
Wendy Food Pantry Manager
Jean Gottbreht Food Pantry Staff
Adam Childers Food Pantry Staff
Michael Alvarado Food Pantry Driver
Jessie Henze Treasures Store Manager
Carlotta Hudler Treasures Assistant Manager
Kris Perkins Treasures Staff
Marlene Miller Treasures Staff
Jason DiLaura Donations Receiving
Taylor Hammervold Donations Receiving
Sonny Larson Donations Receiving
Dan Marlow

Dan Marlow

Executive Director

board of directors

Trent Krause


Dan Weidman

Vice Chair

Kristin Wenaas


Tracy Marks


Bob Pasicznyuk

Board member

Sarah Miles

Board Member

Peter B. Goldstein

Board member

Brandon Traver

Board Member

Dave Hieronymus

Board member

2022 Impact Report

Help & Hope Center is an equal opportunity provider.

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement