Ready to host your Buckets of Hope Food Drive? Click the button to fill out a registration form and begin the process!

How it works

We have developed our new food drive program to be as easy as possible.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Buckets of Hope Food Drive! You are part of a valuable effort to help keep our shelves stocked with groceries and needed items for our neighbors in need.

Learn more about how simple it can be to host a food drive then fill out a registration form to begin the process of reserving your buckets!

How Many Buckets?

You can choose from 10 to 50 buckets for your food drive. Let us know how many you want to fill!

Food Drive Dates

Let us know when you need the buckets for your food drive and for how long you will keep them. 


Whether you use our buckets, or you use cardboard boxes you can host a food drive anywhere. 

Delivery & Pick-Up

If you need 40 buckets or more we can deliver them to your preferred location. After the food drive is over we can pick up the buckets from you if needed. 

Buckets of Hope

Now more than ever we need the support of our community to keep our shelves stocked. The demand for our services has only increased and we must be prepared to meet the rising need. 

It is because of individuals and organizations like you that we can be confident that our food pantry will receive the necessary supplies to support our neighbors in need. 

Thank you for filling a bucket, it’s not just food, it’s not just groceries, when you fill a bucket, you give hope!